Northwood Presbyterian Dayschool

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Enrichments for 2018/2019​

​Sept. 04         SAPD                           10:00am   

 Sept. 17  African Drumming (Carver Center)   10:00 am

Oct. 02     "I Love to Read"   Spikey Mikey     10:00am

Oct. 17   The Dentist for Kids  (Tooth Fairy)   10:00am

Oct. 29    SAFD                   10:00am

Nov. 06   Ms. Anastasia        10:00am

Nov. 16  San Antonio Food Bank         9:00am

Nov. 30  Scottish Music and Dance      10:00am

Dec. 07   CSBI Innovations        10:00am

​Dec. 18  Mad Science        9:00am 

Jan. 14   Yoga Experience   10:00am

Feb. 04  Charlie Bee Company  10:00am

Feb. 08  Alamo Height Pediatric Dental Office 10:00am

Feb. 20 Inspire Art

Feb. 25  Dinosaur George    10:00am

April  Mariachi from Burbank High School  10:00am

April OLLU Band     10:00am

May   Mad Science II       10:00am

(Times and dates are subject to change)

(Other enrichments will  be added to the calendar)