Northwood Presbyterian Dayschool

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Call us today at 210.826.5601.  518 Pike Road San Antonio, TX 78209
Call us today at 210.826.5601.  518 Pike Road San Antonio, TX 78209

Meet Our Teachers

Our staff is selected on the basis of their teaching experience, interaction with children and ability to implement classroom curriculum. All of the lead teachers at NPDS have appropriate credentials for teaching in early childhood centers, including Associate Degrees, certification in Early Childhood Education, and designation as a Child Development Associate. As a commitment to your child's education and to our staff, we require that our teachers continuously sharpen their skills by attending workshops and seminars throughout the year and that they be certified in first aid and CPR. Many of our professional staff members have been a part of the NPDS team for more than a decade.

Director - Ms. Rebecca

Assistant Director - Ms. Linda

Infant 1 - Ms. Safira and Ms. Abril

Infant 2 -  Ms. Alyssa and Ms. Kayla

Toddlers -  Ms. Connie and Ms. Isemelda

Twos -  Ms. Marissa and Ms. Lorraine 

Pre-school 2 - Ms. Janie 

Pre-K 1 -  Ms. Melissa and  Ms. Ana

Pre-K 2 -  Ms. Mary and Ms. Norma 

Support Staff-  Ms. Aneesah, Ms. Martha,  Ms. Laura

Spanish- Ms. Mary and Ms. Janie  

Music- Mr. Owen